Turn Your Podcast Dream Into a Revenue Stream!

Ready to make a BIG impact without spending HOURS and HOURS every week finding your soul aligned clients? It's time to tap into the Power of Podcast Marketing.

It's time to grab the microphone and let your STORY and PURPOSE empower others and FUEL your Sales!
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Did you know that 180+ Million People listen to podcasts every day?

There are only about 2 million podcasts (if you include the 60% that are not active). That's way better odds than the billions you are competing with on social... And how can you really connect with people in 60 seconds or less?

That leaves you a pretty good chance to have your ideal listener/client tune into your show.

And it's proven that podcast listeners have more education and income that that of other platforms.

And they are coming to your show to LEARN, be inspired or entertained.

Meaning they spend more quality time with you!


Use Your Story and Your Purpose to Create and Expand your Business and Profits!


Leave a Powerful Impact

Learn the process to launching a podcast that can be the core of your EASY 3-Step Sales Funnel. You will have a plan for everything you need to be successful including:
  • Learn everything you need to create a solid foundation for your profitable podcast
  • Take the HARD out of TECH. Yes, podcasting can be easy if you allow it to be.
  • Choose your launch adventure. I don't offer a cookie-cutter approach, but two ways to launch based on your core strengths and needs.  And when you get stuck you have me and the community cheering you on.
  • Launch in 30 Days or less and have access to support the community for 60 days, this means if something comes up after your launch you still can ask questions.
  • Learn how to use SEO so you never have to go seeking and reaching out to your clients on social media again (unless you want to)
  • Learn how to distribute and create a simple growth plan for your NEW SHOW.
  • See how you really can have a funnel that magnetizes your offers to the right people in as little as two hours a week.

Yes, It Really Is Possible to Be On Social Media Less and Expand Your Purpose and Profit!

Your STORY and GIFTS deserve the MIC without OVERWHELM and PERFECTIONISM stopping you!  Done is better than PERFECT!

GET YOUR PODCAST LAUNCHED and Growing in 30 days with a strategy to keep you GOING for your first season!


In The Next 30 Days, You Could…

  • Have a Chart-Topping Podcast that is driving your ideal clients to your programs and courses.
  • Gain authority in your niche
  • Trade in hours and hours of seeking your clients on social media to talking and connecting with them through your podcast.
  • Start your Podcast without Tech overwhelm

NO MORE Excuses to NOT Start your Podcast


Profitable Podcast Launch System

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You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Marketing Overmelm?

This 60 Day Launch System will teach you everything you need to know to get your podcast out into the world with ease (most of the time in under 30 days) and prepare a launch plan that gets your podcast into the ears of your ideal listener (aka your ideal client). You’ll learn how to:

  • Make Tech Your New Best Friend by keeping it Simple
  • Create the foundations that will set you up for success
  • Build Legacy Content that  continues to bring in warm leads

With a simple shift in your mindset and some smart podcasting practices, you could start living the life of your dreams.

What's Included In The Launch System...


The Foundations

This is the GOLD in your business. The part so many people miss when they launch, but not you. In the next 30 days you will:

  • Understand what your MONEY MAKING Podcast stands for
  • Who You Are TALKING to and How to Talk to Them
  • What your ACTUALLY Profitable Super Power is
  • How to Position your Podcast for Growth and Reach without having to Find your People
  • Magnetize your Message

Planning and Tech Made Easy

Tech doesn't have to be hard or the roadblock to your success. Together we will:

  • Find the Tech that meets your needs and ability
  • Picking the right host, editing software that suits you
  • The best FREE software to make your show sound like you have an audio engineer on your team

Recording like a Pro

Let's make recording and planning so easy your child or 90-year-old grandma can do it, with ease! Yes, it can be that easy. We will:

  • Create the simplest Recording Plan that actually converts
  • Come up with topics for the next 3-6 months and I'll show you how to never run out of ideas
  • How to successfully host an interview
  • Everything you need to know to make it profitable and easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Launching and Launch Growth Strategy

Get your show launched with the right foundation that will set you up for growth and MAKING MONEY. We will:

  • Create a launch plan that includes your current audience
  • Create a strategy that can help you backing off always having to promote on social
  • Get you set up for the next steps of GROWTH and MONETIZATION. We go through the HIGH-LEVEL of what you can do to grow and make money from your show in you first month as a podcaster.
  • You’ll finish this course with a launched podcast, that already is attracting listeners. 
    The Next Steps Will Be up to you!

Your Podcast Launch Support Community

You will have access to this community where we have monthly GROUP coaching monthly. You can ask questions and request feedback and SUPPORT on your LAUNCH DAY. You new Podcast Besties all in one Place. Collorbdatre to GROW.

1:1 30 Minute Strategy Support Session

Create a SOLID Action Plan, Flush out your Money Making Idea, and Set yourself up for success. This is where we get you moving in the best direction for you and your business. This keeps you from getting STUCK in the MUCK of trying to make it hard. It really can be easy!

This Is For You If...

  • You're ready to leave a Powerful Lasting Impact
  • You're ready for more free time to play and do the things you love, without sacrificing your business growth
  • You aren't sure you can keep hustling the way you are without giving up
  • You're ready to be seen and heard
  • You're ready to break free from your limiting beliefs
  • You're ready to have clients come to you without the constant need to be on social media
  • Your ready to manifest the life you dream of living
  • You want to leave a legacy for your children and for the world

I'm Jenn Dragonette

On a whim, I started my first podcast in February 2020. The podcasting community saved my life from a deep dark depression. After earning a Master's Degree in Business and 7 Holistic Certificates, I felt lost and worthless. Nobody seemed to be on my side. That is, until I launched a podcast in ONE DAY (without any prior knowledge of the platform). And everything changed   

My first podcast is still running strong and is ranked in the TOP 5% of ALL PODCASTS. It started out as a dream to become a tsunami of self-love and became my lifeline. After discovering the power of podcasts, I wanted to give other women a voice and platform as well.

It made my heart so happy to see my first podcast ranked #52 in the top 100 Self-Love Podcasts of 2020. My mission is to help others feel confident about getting on podcasts, either as a host or as a guest! Despite its power, podcasting is underused by too many businesses.

A huge part of the equation is confidence. Like me, my clients feared getting their voices heard. My past had beaten me down, and society told me I wasn't enough. But podcasting gave me the confidence to share my voice, my story, and my gifts in a way I never thought possible.

Podcasting has saved my life, given me lifelong friendships, put 90% of my profits in my bank account (social media accounts for 1%), and now I'll never feel alone again! I want to give the gift of profitable podcasting to others now. Take back your time, stop being a slave to your business, and allow this beautiful EVERGREEN platform to work for you!

You can profit from being seen and heard as you truly are.

Get INNNN. Best Decision EVER!

Thank you, Jennifer, for making this soooo easy to launch with zero excuses and an amazing community of ladies!

I had been wanting to start a podcast for over a year but between being told how much money it costs, how much time it takes, and how much it wasn’t a money-making activity I just gave up. I never gave up the desire…so when Jennifer launched this program I was like what do I have to lose. Let’s see if I can do this. And I could not have made a better decision. Not only did she walk us through all the techy stuff, but she herself learned additional platforms to assist us on what we chose to use.

On top of that, the open office support was unreal. I never expected the price to receive as much support as I did. She helped me realize my voice and it’s being heard was way more important than the imperfections I might bring. If you are looking to start a podcast I’d highly recommend Jennifer and her program. I don’t believe I would have made the leap without her and her support!"

- Bridgit Norris

"Jenn is the bomb, she makes it so easy!

It’s all coming together

The confidence is growing 
The fire is building

It’s easy now
It’s fun

You launched your course at the perfect time

Thank you"

-Lucy Smith

"I never would have stepped outside my comfort zone, if not for you and your COURSE! Thank you!

Jenn’s Perfectly Imperfect Podcast 
course is very helpful when it comes to teaching first-timers what steps to take when creating a podcast. The course is laid out in a clear format, that prepares you for the work required

independently.  The course takes away the guesswork and the fear when it comes to creating your own podcast!"

- Colleen Baker

Profitable Podcast Launch System





  • Forever access to the course + Updates
  • Forever access to the Podcast Peer Community for Questions about the FOUNDATIONS of podcasting
  • Any Cool Bonuses Listed Below

Payment Plan


3 Monthly Payments


  • Forever access to the course + Updates
  • Forever access to the Podcast Peer Community for Questions about the FOUNDATIONS of podcasting

  • Any Cool Bonuses Listed Below


Because I love a Good BONUS


For a Limited Time: 1-60 Minute 1:1 Strategy Sessions with me $250 Value


If you have done all the work and are still not ready to launch in the full 60 days, you are offered a FREE 1:1 call with me to get started. We don't offer refunds ut you do get this extra suppport. This is how much I believe you will be able to successfully launch in our time together. There are no refunds, however, I will support you until you launch if you show up and do the work.